Hello and Welcome and Lets Learn Something About FIFA 18

From real to virtual football, with the same passion. The world of e-games is constantly expanding in Italy and  fifa 18 hack coin generator dedicates a new section to all fans of the ball: the  Fifa del Lupo , a corner for all those who want to share their passion for the world of video games and take care of the column a real expert on the subject,  Mattia Guarracino . 'Lonewolf' , this is his nickname in game, presents us all the news of FIFA 18 and Coaching Trainer

: starting from the market negotiations, with lots of meetings in place and termination clauses, through in-game replacements and for the 15 new training methods. We invite you to comment by asking questions as Lonewolf will respond every week to the questions of the users of  fut 18 free coins also proposing a new page of his address book so you can ask your questions in the comments. Here is today's episode

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Once again this year, after reviewing the new incarnation of football according to Konami , we are in the company of the new chapter of FIFA, the football simulator of the Sports division of Electronic Arts. FIFA 18 is largely a treasure trove of some of the most important innovations introduced in the 2017 version, namely the lending Frostbite Engine and the Journey mode , which introduced the player to the career of the young and promising Alex Hunter.

The novelties this year are instead focused on the gameplay and on a whole series of features that increase the feeling of realism transmitted by the title. There is obviously no lack of adjustments here and there in pre-existing modes, such as Il Viaggio itself coin master free coins generator, which enjoys a fair number of additions. So, let's find out what FIFA 18 has to offer to the general public this year and whether the perpetual undecided or owners of the previous chapter can direct their attention to the title in question!